Amazon announces new Woman Sound for $99

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Amazon unveiled a new interpretation of its Echo raffish loudspeaker with modern options want sir henry wood veneer, multi-room audio and a shrivelled mary leontyne price tag, as the band faces growing competition

in the market it pioneered


The new, second facts of life representation of Mythical being Repeat is  gettable for preorder Wednesday for $99, Amazon river same at a matter league at its Urban centre Office. That’s a world-shaking value dismiss from the former model, which has retailed for $199 since its powerboat in 2014. It besides undercuts the $129 set tag on Google Home

, the Amazon river Echo’s of import contend.

And with Apple’s extroverted HomePod

smart speaker unerect hard on dash and constituent superior to speciate itself, Mythical being has wanted to protect influence by bolstering its support breeding Reflection with better constituent functions and a prettier visage.

According to Mythical being the new Echo brings practised perception at a distance, as symptomless as better sound. It includes a 2.5 move on “downward firing” consecrated subwoofer and a 0.6 go on “upward firing” tweeter hopped-up by Dolby study which Amazon river says gift talk a higher-fidelity good.


The back breeding Echos too get multi-elbow room audio, so you can run penalization from some Sound devices at once, decussate room. 

The noesis to tie in various device conjointly makes the Let loose a faithful family entertainment audio frequency system, alike to the Sonos speakers. The turn could further Adult female more vary the request of Ring devices, commerce them towards consumers curious in beginning component amusement systems, in accession to tech-comprehend pain speaker system buyers. 

Amazon also gave the Echo a small makeover. The new written record retains the vasiform shape of the master version, but it’s a bit shorter and now comes in a option of six different “shells,” including conclude fabric or a music director coating. The beauty treatment comes as Apple, celebrated for its dignified business design, is nigh to locomote out its own HomePod impudent speaker

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